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Wednesday, Apr. 19, 2017 - 8:07 AM

stood in front of my whiteboard of index cards... made some nudges of progress narrative-wise.

i don't know how gross it is to say it but i've been the same person since i was about 8. do a lot of people think that way? is it really sad if that's the truth about me? when i think back to the traumas and the exciting times as a child i think to myself that "yeah that still makes sense and i am processing it the same way now as i would back then"

had a bit more energy yesterday. watered plants and grass. watched A SERIOUS MAN. it's been a while since i've seen that movie and i guess it's different to me a little bit... i guess i sympathized with the main character but now he's a piece of shit to me... it's scary how he's part of a family that has no love for him... and how it's a shock when he finally realizes it... i don't know. it's studying material for PROJECT HEIRLOOM.

being off social media has helped me a lot... i felt my imagination grow back... i cried during movies, tv, and music... social media really does freeze you... at least that's the effect on me.

should i feel more worried that i dont spend time with friends? the desire to 'hang out' just isn't there. i mean i have fun when i meet up with old friends and it's natural but i dont seek that stuff out.

Reading THE SHINING. Want to tackle another Pynchon novel soon. Maybe Cormac McCarthy next?



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