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Saturday, Aug. 01, 2020 - 10:38 PM

Roll Her in Flour
by Adam Jeffrey Jr.

We caught her like a Poland China. With rope.

She screamed and got hoarse quick.

We stripped her to her bare ass using Leland’s knife. Badass buck antler handle.

Keith brought the bags of flour. We dumped the bags all over her. We threw fists of flour at her naked body.

We stayed back at first but when we threw the flour it went to smoke in the wind so we had to get closer so the flour would cover her really good.

She never cried.

After she was good and floury we cut her loose and told her to get going. She started to run home.

It was a joke she had coming but none of us laughed because it was the most beautiful site we'd all seen. The biggest girl in the world running. Flour come smoking off her like a ghost turning back into a real person.

We rolled her in flour to find her wet spot.



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